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Using Magnesium for Natural Migraine Relief

The mineral Magnesium has been touted by some as a wonder cure for a variety of illnesses and disorders. It is said to be beneficial for those who suffer from spasms, palpitations, anxiety, depression, poor cardiovascular health, high blood pressure. Because of the benefits that it offers, some doctors recommend if for migraine relief.

According to studies conducted, magnesium can stabilize the walls of a blood vessel and possesses sleep-inducing properties. Migraine is a vascular disease which is caused by the expansion of certain blood vessels in the brain. With magnesium’s ability to stabilize the walls of an artery, the number of attacks would likely decrease because these vessels would not readily expand as before. Moreover, some migraine attacks cease after sleeping and this is an area where the use of magnesium would also be of great help. 

The interest in the use of magnesium for migraine relief had its beginnings when researches found out that a deficiency in magnesium caused headaches. This has been proven today when studies confirmed that approximately fifty percent of migraine sufferers have a deficiency of a certain type of magnesium in their bodies. People who are under stress and who have ingested alcohol also exhibit magnesium deficiency. This is very significant since stress and alcohol and well-known migraine triggers.

Women who are menstruating also lack magnesium. This is another relevant fact to note since menstruation, or the days leading to it, is a time when most hormonal migraines occur in women. As testament to the effectiveness of magnesium, headache specialists give injections of this mineral when patients do not respond to migraine treatments.

Most people do not suffer from magnesium deficiency but there are certain instances when the levels of this mineral in the body are low, especially when antibiotics, diuretics or alcohol have been ingested. The application of magnesium as part of migraine therapy is still a subject of debate today.

Although its benefits are clear, researchers are still unsure how large a role it will play in treatment when used as a migraine relief. Most are of the opinion that it may be used as part of therapy but there are those who believe that increasing magnesium levels is the key to curing migraine, even in patients who have sufficient amounts of it in their bodies.

A migraine sufferer can have his level of magnesium tested and if it is found to be low, injections or an intravenous treatment can be given by a doctor or supplements can be taken. The recommended adult dosage is approximately 300 to 400 milligrams per day.  

Magnesium is also found in some foods such as spinach, broccoli, black beans, peas, nuts, seeds, unrefined grains, oysters and scallops. The migraineur can make these foods a major part of his regular diet.

When taking magnesium supplements for migraine relief, care must be exercised not to take too much since there are side effects. Hence, this mineral should only be used under the supervision of physicians.

With the benefits that magnesium provides, it is not surprising that its use is becoming more and more popular among migraine sufferers. The results of ongoing research being done today would go a long way in helping the millions of people who seek to find that one true migraine relief.

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